Solar & Real Estate

If you are a homeowner with questions about how to sell your home with solar, or a buyer interested in purchasing a home with solar, you’ve come to the right place.  

Whether your home has solar PV (photovoltaic) panels, a battery backup system, or other energy efficient upgrades, its value is impacted assuming the benefits can be demonstrated.   Unfortunately, not all agents are comfortable showing or selling a house with solar.  The key is understanding all of these components to eliminate confusion and lead to a smooth transaction.

In many cases, generating electricity on your roof is a secure investment that reduces or eliminates utility bills for decades, increasing home value as those savings can continue for future owners.  The fundamental flexibility of electricity allows for compounding savings by integrating low-maintenance, combustion-free appliances that let us cook, heat water, and warm homes.  When electricity can then be produced on-site by solar panels that work in conjunction with grid electricity, the result is a more resilient, more independent home.

Solar panels are among the most beneficial ways to modernize your home and increase its value.  For more information, use the link below or send us a message. 


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